Elite Mastermind

Elite Mastermind Groups are designed to bring highly motivated, like-minded people together in order to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Leadership Training

True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. Being chosen for a position is only the first of the five levels that every effective leader must achieve.


Ready to transform YOUR career, performance and success? As your coach, I will unlock the potential that is within you to get results and achieve goals.

DISC Personality Assessment

DISC Assessments

The Maxwell DISC Method will help you better understand your personality and those of others in order to better communicate and collaborate.

Professional life and business coaching services by Helmut Herder

Helmut’s Story

Helmut Services is led by Helmut Herder, a mastermind facilitator and certified leadership coach in Ocala, Florida. As a John Maxwell team member, Helmut offers proven methodologies and effective coaching techniques as well as insights gained from over 40 years of corporate management experience. He helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and business people across the US achieve their personal and professional goals. Helmut is more than a mentor. He is an equal partner on your journey to success.

Vision + Desire = Reality


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