5 Reasons Coaching Works!

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Coaching Works for at Least 5 Reasons.

#1.  C is for Candor – Coaching isn’t flattery nor humiliation.

Coaching raises your awareness of how your current thinking influences your results. Leaders today are not only measured by the bottom line, they are also measured by the culture of the company, social impact, etc. It’s hard to keep everything sorted out and in proper perspective to achieve quality results when juggling so many demands. A professional leadership coach, like Helmut Herder of Helmut Services in Washington DC, is on a lateral level with the executive, making it possible for the executive to be candid with someone whose only vested interest is the success of the executive.

Question: If you open yourself to candid discussions about you and your results, how will this improve your ability to use candor to lead your team?Question: If you open yourself to candid discussions about you and your results, how will this improve your ability to use candor to lead your team?

Speaking from experience, when you’re open to honest communication from both sides of the table, the results will always be better.

#2.  O is for Options – What can you do about it, and what will you do about it?

Coaches help clients gain clarity and determine how to move forward. We help you answer the hardest questions by focusing on you, your abilities, and the expanding the knowledge you have. The answers within us will always be in better alignment with your skills and talents than the answers given to us by others. It’s great to learn from others, but it’s never good to try to be someone we are not.

“Experience is a pretty good best teacher, evaluated experience is the best teacher, and where we learn the most of all.” –JD Smith

Question: What do you know, but are not applying?

#3.  A for Attitude – It is really a reflection of your emotional state.

It tells you what you really believe. We attract what we are, and our attitude is what we are. Just like a match is to fuel, attitude is to results. Let’s face it, we often find it difficult to be honest with ourselves. Assessment of one’s attitude will always reveal the way to better results. When we look at our attitudes within the conducive environment of Coaching, we gain clarity and this alone has a tremendous impact on our attitudes. Zig Ziglar said it best, “A positive attitude will not help you do everything, it will, however, help you do things better.” Better is what you become through coaching and it shows in your results.

Question: How could the results you are currently experiencing be improved through the improvement of your attitude?

#4.  C for Change – Embrace it to become who you want to be.

A coach is your strategic thinking partner who will help you to stop, evaluate, and apply your best thinking to ultimately discover what new actions will change your results.

Question: What can you change about yourself to get a better result today?

#5.  H for Highlight your image – Our results are in direct proportion to who we are.

Coaching leads you to a place of discovery. Once you know who you want to be, you can begin moving forward and growing. The Coaching process will reinforce a healthy self-image, making better results achievable.

Question: How much of your current results are influenced by your self-image?


Helmut Services is led by Helmut Herder, a professional leadership coach, business mentor and mastermind facilitator in Leesburg, VA. With over 30 years of corporate management experience, Helmut Herder consults with CEO’s, executives and business owners to help them achieve their goals and needs in life. A certified John Maxwell team member, Helmut Services offers proven methodologies and effective coaching techniques for business leaders throughout the U.S.


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