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It can be scary to put yourself out there, to step outside of your comfort zone. Rejection is painful. Failure can be humiliating. However, the rewards for taking the risks often exceed the perceived safety of staying in the shadows. With the help of Helmut Herder, professional life and business coach at Helmut Services in Ocala FL  you can prepare for the obstacles in your path to success. When you do meet failure, Helmut will be there to support you and advise on what you should do next.

How the Coaching Process Works at Helmut Services

Every client comes to Helmut Services with their own goals and challenges, but Helmut guides each individual through the same basic process:

  • Establish what we will talk about during the session, the goal you are trying to reach, and what you want to accomplish during that session
  • Examine the reality of your situation: obstacles in your way, resources at your disposal, the values and/or risks at stake 
  • Explore multiple ways you might solve this problem to achieve your goal
  • Decide which option is the best fit for your personality, abilities, and values

At every step, you will be asked open-ended questions to expand your thinking and perspective of what is possible. There is a great deal of power and insight to be gained from exploring the reasons why you do (or do not do) certain things.


What to Expect From Helmut Services Coaching

During my 40+ years in corporate management and leadership, I have trained people at all levels of their careers. I cover a wide range of issues with clients, from dealing with immediate team obstacles to improving personal communication and increasing effectiveness. I help clients marry potential with performance, solidify a vision for the future, and build a plan to achieve their dreams.

It is a proven fact that people who go through coaching are far more likely to follow through on the solutions established in sessions. The reason for this level of success in results lies in the fact that the clients discover answers by digging within themselves. Professionals who are coached become more resourceful, less reliant on external help, and more confident in their own abilities to resolve whatever problems might be present.


Why Choose Helmut Services

At Helmut Services, Mr. Herder likes to say,

“99 percent of what I provide is who I am and the other one percent is about the techniques I use as a certified leadership professional.” -H. Herder

I am open, honest, and nonjudgmental. I invite you to read my story so you can learn more about me and how I became a coach. We set clear boundaries and abide by a strong code of ethics and conduct. I may guide our conversations, but you hold the agenda. You decide what we talk about and what we accomplish during each session. I do not give unwelcome advice. If you would like to learn more about my policies, please contact me.


As Your Coach, Helmut will… 

  • Be on your side as you journey toward personal growth
  • Foster your self-awareness
  • Equip you for the challenges you face
  • Use a flexible process that will adapt to your definition of growth
  • Focus his sessions on you and your potential


It’s Never Too Late to be Coached!

No matter what stage of your career or life you are in, it would be an honor to be your coach. Let me partner with you to influence positive, effective development and change in your life. I would like to partner with you to influence positive, effective development processes and change in your life. It’s a well-established and proven fact that people who go through a coaching process are far more likely to follow through on the answers and solutions that have been established because the answers were found within them. They become more resourceful in the future, less reliant upon external help and more confident in their personal ability to resolve whatever issues they come to face.

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