Why Coaching Is So Important

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Why Coaching Is So Important

Top 10 Reasons Why Coaching Is So Important


 1. Human Development

  • No other human development process influences and changes behavior as effectively as coaching.


2. Information Overload

  •  Pouring information into the conscious mind in the hope that some of it will stick is a futile process, because the conscious mind cannot retain large amounts of information.


3. Influence

  •  Coaching influences at both conscious and unconscious levels of the personality.


4. Need for Change

  •  Unless we change people at the level of their behavior, nothing will change in their results.


5. Being Conscientious

  •  Most of what we do on a day-to-day basis is generated unconsciously.


6. Builds Awareness

  •  It simply isn’t possible to manage and improve upon something you’re not aware of.


7. Manages Performance

  •  Coaching addresses the performance gap, the difference between what a person knows and what they do.


8. Collaboration

  •  If we are to collaborate in creating lasting improvements in performance for our clients, and not just put a short-term sticking plaster over the problem at hand, we must address performance issues at a level beneath that which they occur.


9. Empowerment

  • The coaching process has 3 underlying objectives. All 3 bring greater empowerment and resourcefulness to the individual, creating lasting change by adopting a learning approach that operates from the inside out as opposed to the outside in.

A: Greater awareness
B: Increased responsibility
C: Greater accountability


10.  Realizes Full Potential

  • Our potential cannot be found somewhere outside of us, it can only be discovered with in.



Helmut Services is led by Helmut Herder, a professional leadership coach, business mentor and mastermind facilitator in Leesburg, VA. With over 30 years of corporate management experience, Helmut Herder consults with CEO’s, executives and business owners to help them achieve their goals and needs in life. A certified John Maxwell team member, Helmut Services offers proven methodologies and effective coaching techniques for business leaders throughout the U.S.

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